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The World’s First Integrated Cryptocurrency Exchange – CryptalDash

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CryptalDash  is a robust cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. Equipped with an institutional grade matching engine as well as third party cryptocurrency exchanges order routing capabilities. All under one Dashboard which enables a seamless trading Experience.

One of the most unique features of this up and coming exchange is that they are bringing in the capability to have many of the orders of top level exchanges into their system. This is one huge step towards consolidating the exchange system making it more easier to trade with a larger user base in one location.

Important features 



CryptalDash Exchange offers a unified access to the 3rd party crypto exchange order routing capabilities, leading to a seamless navigation among several exchanges and thus, better price discovery. It connects users to different exchanges, currently across five mainstream cryptocurrency markets, including ETH, BTC, Dash, XEM and XRP. This gives traders an opportunity to browse through various markets at a time. The internal trading lets users trade over this platform and if they find a better price somewhere else, they can also access the third party platform. Easy navigation and instant access mean zero errors unlike other multi-trading platforms.

Integration with Bloomberg Data

One significant challenge faced by the new crypto market places aiming to aggregate the institutional and retail liquidity pools is how to get software vendors to make the investment to connect to their exchange or market place. CryptalDash solves this problem since it has already integrated multiple connections to mainstream market analysts and software vendors like Bloomberg, MetaTrader5, Trading Technologies, ORC, SUNGARD and CQG. This results in quick deployment of institutional trading space.

Integration with Trading View World Class Charting

CryptalDash Exchange makes trading decisions easier and faster for the traders and investors, via integration of an advanced financial visualization platform, TradingView. Whether you are looking for the basic price charts or plotting the complex spread symbols with over-layed strategy backtesting, CryptalDash brings a wealth of tools and data you need, via this integration. Traders can connect with millions of traders all across the world, discuss trading ideas and initiate live orders.

100 New Altcoins Integrated in 2018

Until now, investors are aware of the fact that most of the popular coins in the cryptocurrency market can just be accessed through a single exchange that typically has a limited technology offering, making trading a complicated process. The CryptalDash team has recently announced that there will be no limitation in terms of the number of mainstream coins listed on CryptalDash Exchange. During 2018, the Exchange will be integrated with a New Coin Listing competition (two competition have already announced, check here and here) giving an opportunity to the traders and investors to vote for the newer and smaller coins that they wish to be listed on the Exchange.

There is also a vote system for new currencies being added, Bitcoin Token is the sponsor for this post you can vote for BTK here: https://www.cryptaldash.com/new-coin-listing




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