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Real-time cryptocurrency values on your Windows desktop.

A must have tool to be updated on crypto prices right on your desktop

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Dear cryptoinsiders , we discovred this must have crypto prices ticker and we felt like its an absolute nice topic to share with our readers .

BitTab is a intuitive and straightforward cryptocurrency price ticker widget for Windows desktops.
Everyone wants to check their coins everywhere and every moment, so there are many mobile applications for iOS and Androids. For users who spend much time in front of their laptops and PCs, however, there was no such solution until today. And now, BitTab has been launched successfully, and it will fulfill your needs. * The largest DB: contains more than 3000 different coins, more than 40 top-tier exchanges over the world. * Shows you a number of cryptocurrencies on your screen in real-time with direct APIs. * Customizable UI templates to change the style of widgets. * Bar type ticker widget and Stickynote type ticker widget. * Alarm or change the color of widget when the coin meets certain conditions. * Manage different portfolios of your coins as a group. * Safe! no malware, no mining tool, no calculation, no interaction with your local files.

watch real-time cryptocurrency values on your Windows desktop

www.bittab.io Bittab





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