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Fair.Game’s Fair City Seeks to Revolutionize Sim-Gaming

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In the early 1980s, pioneer software developer Will Wright discovered something while working on his new game, Raid on Bungeling Bay. While creating the different levels of gameplay, he found that he was having more fun with the level editor, the tool used to create the game environment, than in testing gameplay. The game went on to be a critical and commercial success, but Wright remembered this experience and kept developing the level editor.

That level editor eventually was released as SimCity and revolutionized gameplay. Now, rather than playing according to a set game plan, the player could make choices and see how they played out (What happens if I put a nuclear power plant in the middle of the city?). Now, instead of trying to achieve the predetermined goals of the game, the player set their own goals, or played with no particular goal at all.

As games developed, an issue arose: that of ownership of game items. There have, of course, been sales of game items, game gold, and Linden dollars have a floating real-world exchange rate. The problem with this is, of course, that the games and everything therein are not really the property of the gamers, but of the company that produces the games. Many game companies prohibit the sale of in-game items or currency for real-world cash. Additionally, gameplay may be changed, items confiscated, user accounts deleted – all at the whim (within the terms of TOS) of the company.

Enter Fair City

Fair.Game is in the process of releasing what might be the next revolution in sim-gaming: Fair City. This game is in the model of SimCity – players will acquire land and build their own buildings, neighborhoods, or whole cities. The difference is built with Ethereum smart contracts. Players will need to purchase their plots of land using either ETH or FAIR, Fair.Game’s native token (there are two different worlds being built depending on whether you are using ETH or FAIR).

Once you own a plot of land, you develop it using its resources and begin building on it. Unlike SimCity, the type of building built will depend on the ‘prosperity level’ of your plot of land: remote → scarce → lively → prosperous → very prosperous. When your plot of land has reached the top level of development, you can build a landmark on it, the most valuable structure.

Because you use ETH or FAIR to buy plots of land, and because the game is built on smart contracts, that land is yours, not the company’s. It cannot be taken from you and your account cannot be deleted (?). Further, just like property in the real world, when you develop it, it will appreciate in value. You can freely trade or sell it on the open market for the price you negotiate.

Each city will consist of 500 plots of land, and there will be multiple cities built in the extended world. Start with a piece of land, build it up to a landmark, buy properties around you, and find yourself the owner of your own city, land, or empire!

The closed beta has just closed and the first 500 plots of land sold out in just 10 minutes. So, why not head over to Fair.Game and become a Fair City pioneer!



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