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DIW Token – Secure your digital life “Project updates”

DIW is a decentralized identification infrastructure which enables account holders to safeguard their virtual life while accessing a series of DApps via its network.

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Dear Cryptoinsiders , We have already shared with you on a previous article the awesome idea behind the DIW Token project ( Previous Article ) , Today we have some great news and updates About it , we are truly amazed by how far they went since the first time we spoke about .





DIW Token , is an ambitious project that involves the creation of a blockchain based global platform where organisations and individuals will be able to exchange services, funds and sensitive private data in a fully secure manner.




– UPDATE 1 – 

We would like to inform you that Phase 2 is currently active, where with your contribution you will receive a 19% Bonus from the final ICO price. Visit DIWtoken.com to get your tokens today! The progress in terms of the development of the prototype is ongoing. In view of all possible options for long term reliability in today’s technologies.

1 ETH  = 9500 DIW – Token Bonus: 19%

The technical team, with the help of technical advisors and experts, are working on the specifics that will make this technology the core of DIW. During their prototype presentation they will provide more elaborate and technical information.They have also included on their website the raised funds from the crowdfunding which amounts to 1622 ETH. This amount does not include the funds raised privately, which are currently undisclosed.they are working hard on preparations for the next stages of development, announcements, especially for exchange listings, event participations and many other interesting things!

Is it worth it ? 

Sponsored the iCoin Summit



– UPDATE 2 – 

The iCoin summit is a two day event that took place on the 9th-10th May 2018. The event aims to inform attendees about some of the most promising ICOs of 2018. The event also provided the opportunity for networking with blockchain experts and enthusiasts and sharing knowledge.

The event featured speeches from over 30 blockchain experts at the iCoin Summit, all with various backgrounds in the blockchain industry eager to share knowledge and network.

DIW has sponsored the iCoin summit. A key member of the DIW team Christopher Zenios COO and Co-Founder of Alcaeus Labs gave a speech entitled “Blockchain and Innovating Technologies all-in-one solution”. The speech was given on the first day of the summit and the team was also available for networking, blockchain based discussions and sharing knowledge.


ICO Bonus Structure Change 



– UPDATE 3 – 

The table below shows the dates, time and price phases of the new, updated ICO Bonus Structure.

Phase 1: 03 May* — 10 May | 1 ETH = 10500 DIW Tokens
Phase 2: 10 May* — 17 May | 1 ETH = 9500 DIW Tokens
Phase 3: 17 May* — 24 May | 1 ETH = 8500 DIW Tokens
Phase 4: 24 May* — 31 May | 1 ETH = 8000 DIW Tokens

*Phase 1 will launch, and every week’s phase will change at 12:00 GMT

DIW’s value proposition is quite unique, and rather intriguing in its concept , it stands quite alone in this particular aspect of cyber-security, so it may have carved itself a safe niche.

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