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This Mankind First campaign is to distributing MKF to users and to promoting MKF on twitter.

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How does this work? 

Waiting time before your tx appear on etherscan.io is between 1 min - 30 mins

The twitter account must have  50 followers and account must be created 1 month ago, no exception. If your account does not meet the requirement, please try to add more friends and wait .

3 simple steps to receive 30K MKF




** Follow MKF on twitter : @mankindfirst1

**  Then click Click me to tweet and change 0xYOUR_ETHER_ADDRESS to your ethereum address (don’t delete any space charater in the tweet format). 

** Copy-paste the tweets URL into the above input box and fire away!

FAUCET LINK : http://faucet.mankindfirst.com/


The first tweet about the twitter faucet :

Side notes:

Don’t hesitate to try again if you encounter Server message saying some error happens, try again after a few hours before contacting us.

Donations GAS FEE to the campaign are welcome: Twitter Campaign Address

Update 1 : the faucet went offline and now its back online.

Now the  website is running invisible reCaptcha protection against bots.

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