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This Bullish 2018 Ethereum Price Prediction Projects $6,000 by December 31, 2018

Ethereum Founder Says It's Time for the Cryptocurrency Community to Grow Up

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Ethereum (ETH) prices are down 46.31% since Jan. 1, but the correction might not last long according to the 2018 Ethereum price prediction. One CEO in the crypto industry predicts Ethereum could be worth $6,000 by the end of 2018.

Here’s the surprising reason for this astonishing prediction, including exactly how high this person projects Ethereum will rise…

Analyst Background Price Prediction Profit Potential
Fred Schebesta Co-founder Finder.com $1,500 99.10%
Alisa Gus CEO WishKnish $1,800 138.92%
Joseph Raczynski Technology Consultant $1,800 138.92%
Tim Lea CEO REFFIND $2,250 198.66%
Samson Williams CSO SeedUps $2,500 231.84%
Clayton Daniel Fintech Investor $2,000 165.47%


While this Ethereum price prediction shows Ethereum could soar 1,378.74% from today’s price of $403.08, we’ll show you what’s behind such an astounding projection, so you can evaluate it for yourself. 

Fred Schebesta Ethereum Price Prediction for 2018 : “Still a bit bullish on Ethereum.”

Alisa Gus Ethereum Price Prediction for 2018 : “Ethereum is making all the right moves, but time will tell if it will scale enough to clamp down on the same issues it is trying to solve.”

Joseph Raczynski Ethereum Price Prediction for 2018“Ethereum still stands as one of the tokens with the greatest short-term potential. Most of the largest organizations in the world that are testing blockchain technology are using the Ethereum platform. Only time will tell, but I personally think this is one ready to charge forward.”

Tim Lea Ethereum Price Prediction for 2018 : “Ethereum has positioned itself well as a well-networked cryptocurrency with the Ethereum Alliance and a crypto with a strong value-added value proposition (smart contract platform). Scalability is a major issue and others such as EOS, whose development team addressing scalability with already-proven structures in other tokens. Ethereum has a strong developer base but if Bitcoin suffers as I believe Ethereum will soften at a similar time taking it away from its all-time high that will probably happen around the Consensus conference in May 2018.”

Samson Williams Ethereum Price Prediction for 2018“Same reason as before. Fiat currency fleeing the plummeting stock markets as the #2018Recession kicks in, in Q3 2018.”

Clayton Daniel Ethereum Price Prediction for 2018“Ethereum has lost a couple of new pieces of tech to rivals like NEO lately, but still gets the large majority of the action. Even in this rapid environment of change, I can see Ethereum isn’t sitting on their hands, and attempting to fix the problems they have. All good signs.”

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