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Blockchain Simulation City Building Game? aelf Version of Fair City is Online Today!

The aelf version of Fair City, launched by the blockchain game platform Fair.Game and the third-generation star co-chain aelf, was officially launched today.

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The aelf version of Fair City allows players to use Elf Token to build cities. From lands purchasing, developing to constructions building, Fair City will provide aelf fans with a harmonious and collaborative blockchain city entertainment experience.

Easy Playing Blockchain Game

Fair City is the third blockchain featured game released by Fair.Game. Fair.Game fits into the current trend of game design that is short, flat, and fast. Developing lands, building constructions and other gameplays in Fair City are all determined by blockchain random numbers, and the game is easier to play while ensuring the fairness.

Land Purchasing: Each Fair City consists of 500 lands, and the initial resources points is 10.

Land Developing: Land developing requires the consumption of players tokens and resource points.

Constructions Building: More advanced lands have better chance to create more advanced buildings. For city owners, the higher-degree constructions have higher value.

The resource points consumed during the development of the lands and the player’s decision to build the constructions are controlled by random numbers on the chain, which giving the player a fairer gaming experience.

Fast-paced Blockchain Gaming Experience

The faster-paced blockchain game experience is also a feature of Fair City. In addition to the fact that the avatar builder feels the fun of building a blockchain city with others, players can also turn into budget-conscious businessmen, deal with city owners, or accumulate personal wealth through land sales.

In-game market: Players can transfer lands in the in-game market. Reasonable pricing is a key factor in the transaction of lands.

City Owners: Players can sell buildings together with lands to city owner. City owner is the fairest businessman in the whole city. He gets what he paid for, and the higher-level buildings usually with the higher return.

Unlike previous blockchain games, the presence of city owners has accelerated Fair City’s game progression, not only providing developers with more opportunities for gold rushing, but also minimizing the possibility of the low-value assets excess problem in blockchain games.

Grasp the Opportunity to Build Your aelf City!

aelf version of Fair City will provide aelf fans with a harmonious and collaborative blockchain city entertainment experience. With only 500 lands in each city, every undeveloped land has chance to be built as world-famous landmarks! Who will be the blockchain real estate mogul? We’ll never know without trying!

About Fair.Game : Fair.Game is the world’s first fair game platform based on the blockchain technology. Now Fair.Game has launched the blockchain game that runs on the official public chain and will publish more types of blockchain games in the future. Fair.Game will also launch a validated blockchain SDK tool to global premium game providers, linking the broader game market to deliver blockchain to hundreds of millions of online games users worldwide. The company will soon release the world’s first Fair Game Assets Marketplace trading platform providing free transaction services for different blockchain games, and eventually form a complete combination of independent development, traditional game blockchain services and blockchain game assets trade game ecosystem.




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