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BBX trading system (iOS) App release & event announcement

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Dear cryptoinisders , we are happy to announce some great news about the awesome BBX.com exchange project  .

The trading function of BBX.COM is going to be online with the iOS version on April 23rd, 2018.
To celebrate the on-line BBX transaction system, the first week-long event (April 23rd – April 30th , 2018, Singapore time). The specific details of the event are as follows:

1.Any Deposit for Permanent 1/10000 Fee

During the event period, as long as you complete a Deposit of any amount in any currency, you will be entitled to a permanent right of 1/10000 of the account transaction fee. (The normal transaction fee in exchange is 1/1000)

 2.All BBX Holder Get 10 FAIR Airdrop Bonus

To celebrate the BBX transaction system goes online, the confirmed BBX accounts, which were rewarded via the first BBX airdrop event before, will get 10 FAIR reward  for each account, regardless of the amount of BBX holding.(Airdrop release time is April 30, 2018. The BBX accounts that hold BBX before this time will receive 10FAIR airdrop bonus)

3. FAIR Trading Competition Win 1,000,000 FAIR Token

If you participate in the FAIR transaction that you will automatically participate in the FAIR trade ranking competition to obtain the corresponding FAIR rewards. During the event period, the transaction volume based on participation in the FAIR is used as the calculation basis for the competition. (You can accumulatively calculate the transaction volume by buying and selling, ranking by the transaction volume) The detailed reward rules are as follows:


1.During the event period, BBX reserves the right to cancel the user’s event qualification once the user is found being involved in illegal cheating operation.

2.Other unclear matters are subject to the BBX official announcement. BBX will adjust the event according to the actual situation and the final interpretation right belongs to BBX.




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